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For a long time I have been interested in the philosophy of Zen Buddhism and ancient Greece.
I wish to express the foundation of these thoughts with a free movement of the air of invisible energy flowing through space.  Also, by the geometrical forms to express intemporal thought in the vast universe.  
The white surface created with mother of pearl is the fundamental color which expresses the beginning. This way of thinking suits me well as I consider each moment of our life to be always a new beginning.  It is the positive opening.
We may discover my artwork by slow revelation, depending on the luminosity of the day.  The natural materials of soft tempera on the paper and the multiple traces could enhance your imagination, permitting our mind to elevate freely in space.  
Having a strong consciousness that each being is unique, this positive thinking helps us appreciate our being in such a way that you feel light and free to find a peaceful mind.
I wish viewers to this moment of peace and gain quiet energy to feel being part of cosmic process of blessing.

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