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                             Materials  (brief description)                                              
-  Paper :  MA-SHI :   Hemp Paper,  hand made.

-  KOZO :                     Mulberry hand made paper,  Broussonetia family.

-  SUMI  ink:                 Black ink obtained by rubbing with ink stick, which is based on pine soots mixed with water,
                                     on the shist stone (Suzuri).

-  NIKAWA :                 Glue made of refined skin and animal bones, such as deer.

- Mother-of-pearl :     Only one kind of oyster shell left in a natural environnment during 10 to 20 years, then
                                     ground, refined many times and then finally dried.  A very long process.
-  Pigment :                Basically from natural rocks, such as:  cristal,  tiger eyes,  malachist,  iron oxyde,  rock copper,
                                     agate  etc...

-  Gold leaves :           Silver,  Gold  and  Platinum  leaves.

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